Guide to Wedding Men Shoes For Grooms

It is not often that a man is made to really think about his footwear. Unlike those of the fairer sex, we chaps do not spend a great deal of time thinking about the wedding shoes. Wedding shoes are often the last thing on a groom’s mind, but not caring enough can actually ruin your whole wedding suit. The essential finishing touch to any outfit? The right pair of formal dress shoes.

Wedding Elevator Shoes for the Groom in 2017

We all know preparations for wedding ceremony are stressful enough as it is.  Finding the right pair of leather formal dress shoes to go with your outfit should not be complicated. However, with brides wearing high heel shoes on their wedding day, it only makes sense that the groom would wear height increasing hidden heel shoes, also known as elevator shoes, on his wedding day to match the increase in height gained from the bride and her shoes.

White Wedding Shoes for Groom

Begginer’s Guide to Wedding Men Shoes For Grooms begins with whether white wedding shoes are what grooms should be looking for, especially for a white, light grey or beige suit. Carl & OAK CustomMade has been helping brides and grooms help the perfect pair of shoe for their wedding.

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Wedding shoes


It’s your big day and you want it to be perfect. There are so many things to consider and to see to. A big headache will be what shoe to wear on the day itself and what to look out for.

Read on to find out what to look out for when choosing your shoes for your wedding day.



There are 3 main colours for shoes (black, brown and oxblood/burgundy) and 5 main colours for suits (black, navy blue, charcoal grey, light gray). Follow the chart below to get an idea of which colours to mix. The idea behind the pairings is to minimise large contrasts in colour.

matching suits with shoes colour



Here are some examples of the above pairings in action.

black suit black shoes  blue suit brown shoes  brown suit brown shoes

Time to look suave on your big day!



The style of your shoe depends entirely on your choice of outfit for the big day. For white-tie events, as a vestige of old English traditions, patent leather pumps are still the only acceptable footwear.

match shoe style dress code

Table: which style of shoe to match your outfit

patent leather pumpwhite tie dress codeblack tie dress code

Patent leather pumps used to be the only acceptable footwear for both white-tie (middle photo) and black-tie events (right most photo)

On the other hand, black-tie dress code has loosened over the years. Previously, only latent leather pumps are acceptable. Nowadays, you may choose to go with plaintoe oxfords or captoe oxfords.

The other dress codes are all accommodating of other shoe styles. However, it will be wise to create a coherent and not too jarring outfit/look. To this, black and brown are colours that are easy to the eye and easy to match with most outfits.



It’s your big day and you will be moving around a LOT. Do invest in a pair of comfortable leather shoes. Choose full grain leather as it allows for maximum permeability and it molds to your feet’s shape to give you better comfort.

If you bought a new pair of shoes for your wedding, do wear them around the house for a few days before the wedding. This way, you’ll soften and break them in, which means less chance of sore feet and blisters on your big day. Also, remember to scuff the soles a little so you don’t slip.


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Look suave on your big day!

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